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Month: July 2015

Why You Should Get a Mortgage from a Private Lender

Banks are not your only option for securing a mortgage. Depending on your situation, a hard money lender may be a more viable resource. Private mortgages are a good option for homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit, or for buyers who are self-employed and have variable income levels. If your project looks profitable, a private lender will be interested, though they will likely want a shorter ...
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Private Lenders vs. Banks for Real Estate Transactions

While both banks and private real estate lenders can help a buyer finance an investment property, they have different requirements and approaches to lending. The best choice is not only the one that is willing to finance a property at the best rate, but also one that can be flexible and accommodate the needs of a borrower.  Learning more about the ways lenders approach a loan can help buyers under...
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