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New to House Flipping? Know How To Invest For The Best Outcome

A home is so much more than a foundation and structure. Flipping a house requires turning your average structure into a house worth coming home to. Once a fix-and-flip loan is secured, it may feel like the sky is the limit. But that limit often comes faster than expected, monetarily speaking! Here are a few key materials worth investing in when flipping a house. What To Invest In It is important...
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Simple Steps for Securing Financing with a Private Lender

Hard Money Lending - Conquest Capital
Private financing involves loans with hard money lenders. This type of financing can be an option for people wishing to tackle a home renovation project, buy a house, purchase a new vehicle, embark on a special vacation, or any number of additional needs. Securing this type of loan involves specific steps. Count the Cost Before proceeding with a transaction, consumers must consider the terms...
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The 70 Percent Rule Unveiled

Any investor considering the purchase of distressed real estate must understand the 70 percent rule, especially when the transaction includes a fix-and-flip loan. Utilizing a simple formula will enable people to ascertain whether a property is potentially profitable. Applying the 70 percent rule involves figuring out the after-repair value (ARV) and estimated repair costs (ERC) of a house befor...
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Take Advantage of San Diego’s Booming Real Estate Market

The San Diego real estate market is ready. What looked like neighborhood blight a few years ago now looks a lot like an opportunity for those prepared to fix and flip houses, purchase lots for buildings, or convert worn buildings into condominiums. Conquest Capital Partners is poised to be a potent financial partner for those looking to take advantage of new opportunities as credit markets continu...
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Purchases To Consider Making With A Private Lender

Considering a Builder Loan Boston - Conquest Capital Partners
Going to a private lender, or someone who will loan money with the agreement that the loan will be paid back in time, offers favorable payment terms and interest rates. This can save money in the long run. What purchases are worth going to a private lender and not to a bank? The biggest purchase that many encounter would be obtaining a first home (or renovating a home via a builder loan). Buyin...
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Why You Should Get a Mortgage from a Private Lender

Banks are not your only option for securing a mortgage. Depending on your situation, a hard money lender may be a more viable resource. Private mortgages are a good option for homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit, or for buyers who are self-employed and have variable income levels. If your project looks profitable, a private lender will be interested, though they will likely want a shorter ...
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Private Lenders vs. Banks for Real Estate Transactions

While both banks and private real estate lenders can help a buyer finance an investment property, they have different requirements and approaches to lending. The best choice is not only the one that is willing to finance a property at the best rate, but also one that can be flexible and accommodate the needs of a borrower.  Learning more about the ways lenders approach a loan can help buyers under...
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Conquest Capital Partners – St. Jude Children’s Hospital Initiative

Since its inception in 2010, Conquest Capital Partners has been deeply involved in community work and giving back, and has worked closely with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Conquest’s founder, Ryan Gadles, sat on the committee for a St. Jude initiative for two years, and during that time grew increasingly more committed to making an impact for the cause. “Being able to witness lives literally b...
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Conquest Capital Partners funds 24,000 s/f Fit Factory in Braintree; To be designed by Wong of Gadles Development

Braintree, MA Matthew Genes and partner, Ryan Gadles, founder of Conquest Capital Partners, have secured a deal with Jiffy Lube Genius, Local business Magnate and landlord Richard Valentine, to lease 24,000 s/f at his 288 Wood Rd. building which is the former home of Golds' Gym Braintree and current F1 Racing track. The 24,000 s/f building will become a luxury low cost health club named Fit Fac...
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Boston’s Best Money Lender

Conquest Capital Partners would like to thank all of its loyal supporters for voting us Banker & Tradesman’s #1 Alternative/Hard Money Lender for 2014. As THE premier private lending firm in Massachusetts, we specialize in providing capital to Real Estate developers in the metro Boston Market place. We will continue to serve the Boston Real Estate community with a spirit of excellence.
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