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New to House Flipping? Know How To Invest For The Best Outcome

A home is so much more than a foundation and structure. Flipping a house requires turning your average structure into a house worth coming home to. Once a fix-and-flip loan is secured, it may feel like the sky is the limit. But that limit often comes faster than expected, monetarily speaking! Here are a few key materials worth investing in when flipping a house. What To Invest In It is important...
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Simple Steps for Securing Financing with a Private Lender

Hard Money Lending - Conquest Capital
Private financing involves loans with hard money lenders. This type of financing can be an option for people wishing to tackle a home renovation project, buy a house, purchase a new vehicle, embark on a special vacation, or any number of additional needs. Securing this type of loan involves specific steps. Count the Cost Before proceeding with a transaction, consumers must consider the terms...
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