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Conquest Capital Partners – St. Jude Children’s Hospital Initiative

Conquest Capital Partners – St. Jude Children’s Hospital Initiative

Since its inception in 2010, Conquest Capital Partners has been deeply involved in community work and giving back, and has worked closely with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Conquest’s founder, Ryan Gadles, sat on the committee for a St. Jude initiative for two years, and during that time grew increasingly more committed to making an impact for the cause.

“Being able to witness lives literally being saved and a hospital that charges zero dollars to the families who are able to use it is incredible,” Gadles said. “So many charities and foundations have these massive amounts of overhead, and a majority of the funds raised do not make their way to the folks who are really in need. When I learned that St. Jude donors have an average donation size of just $35, and that most of the money actually went to R&D, the hospital and campus made so much sense.”

During the summer Gadles and his wife, Tracey, were able to visit the hospital and meet some of the St. Jude workers who are so deeply committed to saving lives. The hospital is not your typical hospital; there are no wheelchairs. All the children get around in little red wagons. They do not feel – and are not treated – as if they are sick.

In 2013, Conquest and Gadles decided to venture out from the umbrella of the initiative and sponsor something separately. The event became The St. Jude Give Thanks walk. The first year, Conquest raised nearly $20,000 for the walk and were the lead fundraiser.

In July of this year, Conquest hosted a corporate sponsorship event in Marina Bay with all of its business associates. The employees set a goal of raising $50,000 for the walk. The walk took place on Nov. 22, and Conquest was able to bring in $49,710. The employees were ecstatic, but not finished – by the end of the year, they expect to have another $500 in commitments that will push them over their goal.
“We are having an amazing time with amazing people, making an amazing impact for the children of St. Jude,” said Gadles.