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Conquest is a leading provider of lending capital for the Fix & Flip investor, builder, and developer community. Its expertise is in sourcing, managing, and servicing portfolios of high-yield, asset-backed commercial/investment-purpose loans. As a highly specialized private lending platform, Conquest has built an impressive track record of providing exceptional risk-adjusted returns to its individual and institutional capital providers over the years.

Proven Experts

Conquest’s specialized team of industry experts have over 30 combined years of experience in the lending and Real Estate investment space. Prior to forming Conquest, the principals were owners/developers of over $70 Million in residential and commercial Real Estate developments projects ranging from single-family homes to 350+ unit apartment communities. Since the firm’s inception, Conquest’s principals have consistently invested their own personal capital into its lending projects alongside its investors.


Unlike traditional investments, all investments through Conquest are secured by Real Estate, and are further secured by personal guarantees from each borrower. Its loans undergo a thorough multi-stage due-diligence process and are underwritten at very conservative loan-to-value ratios, significantly limiting risk exposure. In the event of a default by the borrower, Conquest’s asset management team will have the option of helping the borrower to the finish line or in some cases take over the project and liquidate the real estate to protect its investment and redeploy the capital.

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